Wick + Flame Candle Bar

What we offer

We now offer Beer & Wine for purchase during your experience! 


Pricing includes the entire candle making experience

  • Small 7oz Candle Vessel- $29
  • Large 10oz Candle Vessel - $35
  • Vintage Vessel- $44
  • Add-ons - $1-$2
  • Candle Care Kit - $35 (includes electric lighter, snuffer, & wick trimmer)

How it works

Step-by-step Guide

Step 01. Sign our waiver form

Step 02. Grab a pen & clipboard

Step 03. Explore our wall of fragrances & write down your favorite scents

Step 04. Come to the bar and our makers will help you every step of the way! 

Step 05. Choose your vessel & set your wick

Step 06. Our makers will help you fragrance blend unique to you based on your favorite scents

Step 06. Create your fragrance blend, and mix it in with your wax

Step 07. Pour your wax mixture into your vessel 

Step 08. Choose any add-ins you'd like (glitter or dried flowers)

Step 10. Wait for your candle to set! This takes up to 2 hours. You can choose to pick up later whenever it's convenient for you.

Refill Your Candle

How it Works:

Safely Burn through your candle until 1/3-1/2in of wax remains

Properly clean out your vessel and bring back into the store

You can refill your candle up to 3 times for around 40% off

Refill the vessel with your new fragrance blend

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