Wick + Flame Candle Bar

Who We Are

Here at Wick & Flame, we offer a complete do-it-yourself candle-making experience for individuals, couples, & groups. You get to choose your favorite fragrance blend, candle vessel, and pour your own wax. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience, and at the end, you get to take home a beautiful, scented candle that's unique to you.

We use only quality ingredients such as soy wax, clean fragrance oils, and pure cotton wicks with NO heavy metals. Our product is clean-burning, skin safe, phthalate-free, and an overall safe product for your home and health.

How It All Started 

Wick & Flame is a family-owned business founded in late 2022. The husband and wife team, Basia and Trevor are initially from Salt Lake City, Utah. They moved to Tulsa in 2021 for a lifestyle change and a place to grow their family.

After being married for 5 years and working separately in our careers (Trevor in sales, and Basia working as a mental health therapist), we strongly desired to build something together. We came up with this idea after going on a date doing a similar activity. We started learning the art of candle making, and the rest is history!

Candles can serve multiple purposes for people. For us, we want to bring the art of candle-making to our community. We want to provide a way that customers can not only have fun, but connect with their loved ones and create beautiful memories! We hope that everyone feels welcome here at Wick & Flame.

Our Commitment

On top of fun and creativity, we love educating people about candle making and why it’s important to use quality ingredients in our homes. With our help, you can create your own unique, sophisticated candle that will add warmth and coziness to your home! We are confident you'll love the experience as much as you’ll love the finished product of your DIY candle!

Store Hours


Tuesday  3pm-8pm

Wednesday  3pm-8pm

Thursday  3pm-8pm

Friday  3pm-8pm

Saturday  11am-9pm

Sunday  12pm-7pm

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